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How to Stay Motivated

With the weather getting colder and colder, it can be hard to stay motivated. Weather changes have a significant impact on our mental health whether we realize it or not. It is important to know that weather changes can increase depression and anxiety and that it is completely normal to feel sad or anxious during these chilly weather months.

For me personally, I find myself feeling unmotivated and sad as the weather gets colder. It seems like the worst possible time to lack motivation with finals and the end of the semester coming up. Therefore, this leaves me with a lot of anxiety. I feel unmotivated to study or to start any of my work. Consequently, I get anxious about how much of my work I have procrastinated. If it is raining, snowing, or even too cold, I will try to use that as an excuse to not go to a class. This mentality made me feel like I was lazy and that I did not have a strong work ethic. I soon realized that I only felt this way during cold months. I had started to ask my friends if they had ever felt the same and they confirmed that they also felt unmotivated as the weather changed. I concluded that I needed to figure out a way to become motivated again during these months.

I figured out that I needed a sharp and strict routine to stay motivated. I have found that I need to wake up early to get anything done. If I had slept in too late, then I already felt lazy and unmotivated and there was no point in getting my work done. I needed to write my daily schedule in my planner and truly stick to it. I have found it very satisfying and rewarding to cross off each task as I finish them. I also have set times when I take a break from my work or from studying. I have found that if I do not schedule these times, then I end up feeling guilty for taking a break at all. Lastly, I like to give myself some little treat during my break. This little treat makes me feel accomplished and motivates me to keep on working. These are the little things that I use to help myself feel motivated during the chilly months, but there are countless other ways if these do not work for you.

My hope with this blog is to clear up any confusion. I know I was terribly confused to why I felt the way I did. I want to express that these feelings are completely normal and most people around you feel the same way. Sticking to a strict routine has helped me tremendously and I hope it can help you as well.

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