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Affordable Spring Break Trips🌞

Hello fellow TWNer’s! Are you looking for an affordable place to relax with your friends this spring break? Here, I’ve comprised a few options if you’re looking for a last minute place to go that can get you away from the stress of school.

1. South Padre Island, Texas

If you want to lounge in the heat (like most people do), the most obvious option would be to go to a beach. You could go to Florida, the typical option, but you could also check out South Padre Island in Texas. It’s a popular spot, but is probably new to most of you. It has beautiful beaches and calm waters, known for bird watching, boating, and their sea turtle rehabilitation. A round-trip flight from Chicago would be in the $300-$400 range and hotels can be secured for less than $150 a night. This is a great option if you’re looking for a place that gets lots of sunshine (as they get over 300 sunny days a year) and if you’re looking for a place with lots of culture. There are also many options for families, if your parents and little siblings decide to tag along.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

If you want to explore a city filled with so much culture, New Orleans is the place to go. Simply walking down the streets of the French Quarter feels like you’re in a whole new world and there’s so much there to do. The food is unlike anything else as you’ll be immersed in a world of gumbo and other types of seafood. There is a lot of history behind the architecture, as seen in many beautiful buildings streets: Frenchman Street, French Quarter, Jackson Square, etc. The city is known for its nightlife, street music, museums, etc. And if your spring break happens to line up, Mardi Gras is a fun celebration that takes over the streets of New Orleans. It’s date changes year to year, so look and see if you can be a part of the celebration if you travel to New Orleans. A round-trip flight from Indianapolis would be in the $300-$400 range and you can get an AirBNB for less than $200 a night. While this may be more expensive than other trips, you’ll be greeted with warm weather, lots of culture, and great food if you travel to New Orleans.

3. Seattle, Washington

If you’re looking for a city getaway, Seattle is the place to go. Of course Chicago and Manhattan are popular, but Seattle is a gem in the northwest. The Pacific Northwest is beautiful and Seattle definitely fits in that. It has the coast, which means it has the beach, and it has parks and hiking for all your leisure. Downtown Seattle has all the shopping and restaurants and skyscraper galore that you would want. A round-trip flight from Indianapolis would be in the $200-$300 round and you can get an AirBNB for around less than $100 a night, depending on where in the city you choose to stay. This is a great trip to take with your friends as you can spend each day exploring the city. You can also take time to explore the wildlife near Seattle, such as Mount Rainier.

I hope these trip ideas help if you’re looking for somewhere to get away. These are all great places that will expand your culture and/or will give you warmer weather than the Midwest will give you. I hope everyone has a fun and safe spring break!

Written By: Kara Lee

Kara is the Associate on the Social Committee, and is a freshman here at IU. She is studying Finance and a minor in Intelligence Studies. In her free time she likes to watch movies and to try out new restaurants. Kara is also involved in the Women's Financial Association and the Financial Services Club. She loves traveling around Asia and highly recommends the trip to Seattle (as she enjoyed her time there).

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